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Train Critical and Computational Thinking

Mastery of technology is becoming increasingly important in high-paying careers. Coding knowledge is already required for half of top income jobs. Students who don't master technology will be left behind. As secondary school educators, we need tools to prepare our students for the world of tomorrow.
RobotMagic was developed by leading educators and scientists to be the best tool to teach technology. RobotMagic teaches critical and computational thinking through play. In secondary schools around the world educators use RobotMagic to help students master technology. Educators use RobotMagic courses to introduce technology concepts. Once students learn a concept they reinforce their learning through project based learning that they can share with friends. The Teacher Dashboard ensures that all students achieve success.


  • Hundreds of courses and projects ideal for teaching technology to secondary school students
  • Secondary age students start with blocks and can transition to Javascript programming in the same tool
  • Teacher Dashboard automatically tracks student progress
  • Dozens of exciting 3D worlds stimulate learning
  • Integration with optional real robots locks in learning
  • Customizable Curriculum- get started with our courses, share with colleagues, and create your own
  • Single sign-on with support for Google classroom
  • Cloud based file system


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