Guide to connect RobotMagic to real devices

v0.8, January 2019


RobotMagic is a JavaScript app downloaded from the internet that runs in your browser. Most users use RobotMagic without any devices in their browser. To use RobotMagic with real devices you need to use a Chrome browser, install "Chrome Browser Extension" and install the "RobotMagic Driver" application on Windows or OSX. You also need to physically connect your device to your computer with USB cable and ensure that your device's drivers are installed. Once everything is setup, RobotMagic connects to your device on it's serial port by communicating with the "RobotMagic Driver" via the "Chrome Browser Extension". The RobotMagic driver is shared among all user accounts on Windows, on Mac it needs to be installed for every user. The Chrome extension needs to be installed for every user account. Contact us for great deals on compatible devices.

If you have problems with the instructions let us know!

Step 1: Install Chrome Extension

Macs and PCs

Step 2(Windows):Install RobotMagic Driver v7

Download the windows driver to your desktop:

Double click the "install.exe" file on your desktop, this may show a security warning, press "Run" to install the driver. It will display "Success" for a short time before the window closes.

Step 2(Mac):Install RobotMagic Driver v7

Download the osx driver to your desktop:

Double click the "install.dmg" file on your desktop, this opens the disk image

Double click the RobotMagic installer, it installs quickly!

Step 3: Install Serial Port driver for your device

If you haven't already, install the required serial port driver for your device.


  • Arduino/Prop
  • Aseba
  • Lego Nxt


  • Arduino/Prop
  • Aseba
  • Lego Nxt


    Click the "Run Device" button inside of a RobotMagic world that supports your device to program your device!