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How it Works

Virtual Worlds
Students have fun learning while playing in simulated 3D environments

Real Robots
Optional, real robots make learning come alive and engage students with real challenges

A gentle learning curve ensures coding novices become code wizards

1. Connect Blocks

Blocks command your robot to move, make sounds, react with sensors and more. Drag blocks from the library and configure them by clicking on their fields. Blocks connected to the "Start" block are part of your program. Create your own blocks with "Procedure" blocks or use Javascript.

2. "Start" to Simulate

Click the "Start" block to run your program in the simulator. Watch your robot interact with the 3D environment you've created. Gravity, sensors, chemical reactions, electricity are all simulated.

3. "Link" to the Real World

If you have a robot, connect it to your computer and then click the "Link" button to run your program on the robot. RobotMagic supports 7 popular robots on Chromebooks, PCs and Macs.

Teachers, Parents and Kids love RobotMagic:

"One of the great features of RobotMagic is that it lets us go from working with languages like Scratch and block based coding to working with real robots in a virtually seamless transition."

Len Erickson Ph.D.
VP of Education Services

"RobotMagic was instrumental in helping my daughter learn to code"

Rosa Douglas

"I Love RobotMagic! I've build a video game, programmed an Arduino greenhouse, and done line-following with my Mindstorm."

12 Year Old Student

Robots and Makerspaces


RobotMagic makes robots come alive by ensuring student success. Students start learning skills with guided challenges in simulated environments before progressing to more difficult challenges in the real world. Robot actuators and sensors are accurately modeled to support easy transition between simulated and real-world work. Teachers can focus their attention on small group activities with real robots while the rest of the class learn skills in the simulator. RobotMagic supports the Lego Mindstorm NXT, the Scribbler and the Aseba Thymio robots.


Program a real or simulated Arduino with blocks or Javascript to create interactive electronic objects. The simulator comes with components to build all sorts of interesting projects: servos, leds, wires, etc. Once you've build and tested a project in the simulator you're ready to reproduce it in the real world. Support for Arduino libraries means you can build almost anything!

3D Printer and Content

Make anything you want! Construct colorful objects in your browser and watch the 3D printer as it builds what you designed in seconds. You can also design mechanical contraptions and bring them to life with gears and motors: clocks, differentials, analog computers. Shape and pose a human figure however you want and then animate it to create realistic movements like dance, sports and more. Achieve realistic movements by coordinating joints. In the Robot worlds you can combine multiple robots and 3D content for even more fun!

Block Coding

Drag blocks together to make the robots do what you want. Change block parameters to change their behavior. Click the "Run" button or the "Start" block to run your code Click the "Step" button to run your code one block at a time Use "Loop" blocks to repeat actions Use the "If" block to take different actions. Click its "star" icon to add "else if" and "else" branches Store numbers in named variables to make your code more powerful Structure your program with procedures to write more complex code. Click the "Link" button to load your code to a robot. Click the "Code" button to view and edit your code using Javascript


Each RobotMagic block translates to Javascript code. You can see the equivalent Javascript as you change a block's parameters. Click on "Code" to view and edit all the code that makes up a program. Run Javascript code by clicking the "Run" button. You can use any valid Javascript with RobotMagic worlds. RobotMagic includes a powerful Javascript "Integrated Development Environment" that let's you edit Javascript and run code one line at a time. Press the "Step" button to step one line at a time whenever you want: from the program's start, after a breakpoint, or even when the program is running. Breakpoints let you pause program execution wherever you want. Set as many breakpoints as you want! RobotMagic includes "Rosetta Stone Transpiler" technology to transpile Javascript code to popular devices like: Arduino, Lego Mindstorm NXT, Aseba Thymio, and Scribbler. Just click the "Link" button to link your Javascript code to run natively on any of these devices. Javascript function that you define in the "MyCode" region will be assigned to custom "Blocks" that you can use in Block programs. This greatly expands the power of block programming in RobotMagic.

Teacher Tools

RobotMagic combines an innovative 3D environment with an advanced online learning system to improve STEM education. With this online learning system, teachers can easily manage classes and guide student learning via personalized workbooks. Interactive content modules known as chapters and activities can be used as is, customized, or created from scratch. Student achievement is continually tracked and can be analyzed using graphs or exported to other systems.


Class enrollment is made simple by letting students register using class codes. Students can switch between multiple classes. Teachers have powerful tools to manage and analyze their classes. Learn more


Students work through personalized workbooks at their own pace to optimize STEM learning. Progress is tracked and students are guided to success with points and leaderboards. Teachers can manage workbook content by selecting from existing chapters, customizing them, or creating their own. Learn more


Chapters organize educational content for student success. You can reuse existing chapters or adapt/create content with our powerful browser-based tool that lets you easily arrange videos, quizzes, RobotMagic activities, and text content on individually personalized pages. Learn more


RobotMagic activies are interactive, guided challenges that teach students STEM skills. Students are guided by a series of prompts toward success. They can access hints and demonstrations on how to complete actions. Teachers can create these activities using our online tool or reuse/adapt existing content. Learn more


Intuitive graphs help teachers understand their student's learning progress. Teachers can drill down from a class overview to students or activities and to particular skills. Learn more

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