Everything you need to teach coding in the classroom.

With a library of cleverly designed computer led lessons children learn to code at their own pace, making teaching coding in the classroom as simple as point and click - anyone can do it!

Teach Core Programming Skills

RobotMagic courses cover important introductory programming concepts such as conditionals, looping, and general problem-solving.

Work with Blocks

RobotMagic offers a scratch like programming language so that younger students can focus less on textual programming and more on problem-solving.

Powerful Tinkercad Integration

RobotMagic effortlessly integrates with Tinkercad so you can easily bring your 3D models to life.

Link with Real Robots

RobotMagic courses cover important introductory programming concepts such as conditionals, looping, and general problem-solving.

Create Custom Curriculums

RobotMagic offers the flexibility to assign a custom curriculum of courses to support your teaching.

Getting Started is Easy

Quickly add students to your class with a simple class code that you can share with your students.

  1. Select lessons to teach
  2. Publish class to students
  3. Check progress via the dashboard

Our Courses

With a comprehensive library of courses in various categories, there is something that will appeal to everyone. RobotMagic encourages students to learn through doing. Courses range from an introductory lesson on conditionals and loops to create simple art to more advanced applications of physics to create a game. Check out the available courses in the viewer below by selecting a category.

Computational Thinking
Social Studies

Computational Thinking


2 Courses


60 Minutes

Build Problem Solving

Problem solving is a core life skill which is especially important in programming. These RobotMagic courses build up fundamental programming problem solving techniques and introduce core programming concepts such as conditionals and loops.

RobotMagic course difficulties map seamlessly to most countries computer science curriculums. See the table below to see mapping for the US, UK, and New Zealand. We have also provided approximate ages, but we suggest trying courses and determining the best difficulty for your students.

RobotMagic levels compared to various countries curriculums
RobotMagic Levels
Level 100
Level 200
Level 300
USA Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
UK Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2 Key Stage 3
New Zealand Progress Outcome 3 Progress Outcome 4 Progress Outcome 5

Our Partners / Integrators


Partner / Integrator

Tinkercad has direct integration with RobotMagic by allowing users to send their 3D creations directly from Tinkercad to RobotMagic with a single button click.



RobotMagic has unique integration with Arduino that allows you to create programs for your Arduino using blocks or JavaScript, test them in the 3D viewer, and then upload them directly to a physical Arduino.



Google accounts used in Google Classroom and on Chromebooks provide single-sign access to RobotMagic services



Code.org features RobotMagic tutorials to expand access to computer science schools and increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups.


"I love RobotMagic! I've build a video game, programmed an Arduino greenhouse, and done line-following with my Mindstorm."

Jane Student

"One of the great features of RobotMagic is that it lets us go from working with languages like Scratch and block based coding to working with real robots in a virtually seamless transition."

Len Erikson Ph.D. VP of Education Services - learningtech.org

"RobotMagic was instrumental in helping my daughter learn to code"

Rosa Douglas Parent

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