Learning Experience

The RobotMagic learning experience provides a unique environment that aims to take advantage of students familiarity with the 3D world. With Block and JavaScript programming, students of any skill level can begin learning to code.

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Fun and Intuitive 3D Environment

RobotMagic's 3D environment allows students to get immersed in their work and increases their engagement. They can more easily see the outcomes of their programs and can take advantage of their spatial knowledge to solve problems and debug programs.

Block and JavaScript Programming


Textual programming often adds unnecessary complications when initially learning to program. RobotMagic's block programming language allows students to bypass JavaScript and get straight to problem-solving and improving their computational thinking.

Available Robots

RobotMagic currently includes eight robots (including the Arduino Uno). Within the RobotMagic environment, students can utilise each robot's speciality sensors and unique abilities from the distance sensor on the Thymio to the LCD on the Lego EV3 Mindstorm.

Arduino Uno image thumbnail
Lego NXT image thumbnail
Abeba Thymio image thumbnail
Scribbler image thumbnail
Lego EV3 Mindstorm image thumbnail
makeBlock mBot image thumbnail
Balancing MiP Robot image thumbnail
Parrot Drone image thumbnail

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