Teacher Tools

RobotMagic provides various tools to assist teachers and educators teach coding. With powerful management features, flexible curriculums, and helpful lesson plans, you can focus on helping your students rather than managing them.

Teacher Dashboard

Manage Students
Review Results

Add students easily using a distributable class code and add/remove any courses you like at any time. All your students will see the courses you have assigned them and can complete them in any order. Review class results on a student-by-student basis and see where students are getting stuck. Students can progress through multiple courses simultaneously and won't lose their place if they leave.

Custom Curriculums

Teachers can create and assign a custom curriculum suited to their teaching, teachers can also try courses to review them before assigning them to students. Additionally, teachers can create their own courses from scratch or integrate others' ideas to create a completely custom course that fit their classes needs.

Lesson Plans

All RobotMagic courses come with a lesson plan to assist teachers and educators use courses to the full extent. Lesson plans provide an in-depth overview of course content, a list of prerequisites (if any), desired learning objectives, and a copy of the course's steps. More complicated courses include videos.

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