Brief Review of RobotMagic

Here's a 1 minute video introduction to RobotMagic:

Parents have been in endless efforts to get the best education for their children. In a modern world where children are continuously interacting with pieces of technologies including computers, smartphones, and robotic toys, technologies are inseparable parts of early education. As a matter of fact, one of the best educational improvements in the last decade comes in the form of computational thinking – a combination of toys, computers, and internet to give children chance to visualize ideas and develop creativity.

Computational thinking is a broad term; for most people, it is practised when they learn how to code software. For children, however, the meaning has to be narrowed down without actually eliminating any step in the learning process. Computational thinking involves creating a program, letting it run, encountering problems, and finding solution to solve them. To implement such an education process for children, RobotMagic has come up with a simple yet brilliant solution. It is an online service that revolves around 3D robotic environments where children can control animated robots.

Each of the commands can be immediately visualized, allowing children to see their ideas and develop creativity further as they improve. The command sequence progressively becomes more complex as the children's skill improves. For children between 10 and 16 years old, this is a terrific and exciting as well as challenging tool. It is like a game where children can see immediate results of actions via an interactive gameplay. However, describing it as a game is an underestimation because the entire commands revolve around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects. As learners progress, they will see and learn about more complicated problem-solving activities designed to challenge their creative thinking.

Top features of RobotMagic include:

  • Robot challenges with visual blocks and puzzles
  • Engaging 3D environments with cool graphics and challenges
  • Simulate and then program real robots (Lego, NXT, Thymio, Scribbler, Arduino)
  • Progress ladders with trophies and badges
  • Compatible with social networking competitions
  • Start with visual blocks then text blocks and graduate to JavaScript code
  • Gradual continuous learning curve concept to cover diverse, complex topics
  • Online learning system
  • Excellent for classroom competitions

RobotMagic is a solution which combines advanced technologies familiar with children and modern learning process. Robots are naturally appealing for children, but not every parent can afford expensive robotic toys for their kids. RobotMagic provides an easier way to allow children develop critical thinking and interact with STEM-based virtual robotic environment in much more affordable package.

Start Creating with RobotMagic here: