Grade schoolers dancing with robots

Recently a class of 9 and 10 year old boys and girls used RobotMagic to bring their end-of-year dance into the virtual world.  Most of them started without any prior coding or robot experience.  

Step 1: Combining Poses to create Movement
They started by dragging blocks together to make simple movements from pre-defined poses:

Pressing the "start" block makes the dancer act out the movement:

Step 2: Customizing Poses
When humans dance, they smoothly transition from one dance pose to another.  RobotMagic works the same way.  In RobotMagic, a block's behavior can be customized by clicking on the lighter region.  Watch how the student customizes a pose using the pose editor and then combines it with the existing blocks for a new movement.

Step 3: Combine more poses, more movements and more dancers!
To make their dance really come alive, they students created elaborate movements from many poses.  Advanced students collaborated on joint dances involving multiple dancers.

More information about their efforts is here:

Start Creating with RobotMagic here: