Lesson Plans

Teaching is easier with a plan.

Over the years we've built up a library of lesson plans and interactive lessons that guide children through the coding curriculum. The lessons are designed so no coding experience is required, simply select a lesson to get a class started. Children learn at their own pace. You can browse and filter through our lessons on our "How to teach coding" portal. 

You can assign a lesson to your class by clicking the "assign" button and publish it to your class with a url link or a classcode that your students can use to enroll into your class.

Each lesson covers a specific topic and is designed to take between 10-30 minutes to complete. Lessons range in ability from beginner to expert and cover a wide variety of topics including block code, javascript, computational thinking, 3D design, games, math, science, critical thinking and more.

Each lesson consists of a number of steps. A step can be a coding activity, a quiz, or a project to complete. Hints, points, badges and complements help students stay motivated to finish a lesson. As a teacher you can monitor progress with the teacher dashboard.