New Introduction to Javascript Courses

We have released a lot of new courses lately, and some of these focus specifically on introducing students to JavaScript. We aim to have students first use JavaScript to complement their block programming and eventually use JavaScript exclusively through a series of courses.

Introduction to JavaScript Course

The first course in this series is aptly named ‘Introduction to JavaScript’, and it covers some rudimentary ideas that tie in nicely to students’ preexisting programming knowledge with blocks. Specifically, this course looks at functions call (not specifically implementation details, just the calls themselves), equality, conditionals (if-statements), for-loops and arrays. This course is a ‘learning by doing course’, so not everything is expected to make sense initially.

Introduction to Functions Course

This course builds on the previous course and goes into functions more in-depth. Students will learn to write their own functions, which may or may not return values. This course assumes all the knowledge from the introduction to JavaScript course, so if you’ve decided to skip that make sure your students have a working understanding of all its content.

A suitable but not required course to follow on from this is ‘Math with JavaScript’, which introduces students to solving math problems with JavaScript. Students who dislike math may find this therapeutic as it provides a new way to organise and think about math problems!

Introduction to Objects

Introduction to Objects is currently the most advanced JavaScript course we offer. Like ‘Introduction to Functions’, this course relies heavily on the two previous courses. Students should be able to write functions, use loops, and control program flow with if-statements. This course introduces JavaScript objects which provide students with a powerful new tool to organise and operate on data. This course takes place in a Viking room, providing a fun and interactive context for students to learn about this sometimes confusing concept.

Hopefully, you enjoy these new courses. If any of the courses discussed in this post interest you, check them out here:

Introduction to JavaScript:

Introduction to Functions:

Math with JavaScript: