Understanding RobotMagic Courses

RobotMagic offers a variety of courses covering many topics at varying difficulties. To assist educators and students select appropriate courses, we have organised the courses in various ways.

Course Difficulty

Firstly, RobotMagic offers courses in three distinct difficulty levels, as shown below.

These levels are intended as suggestions, and we encourage teachers to create custom curriculums based on their teaching. A table has been provided below to show how the RobotMagic levels map to various countries curriculums.

This age is intended to be approximate and those new to programming or those with previous experience may not fit within these ranges.

While courses can be completed in isolation, courses on the same topic spanning multiple difficulties are designed to have their core ideas built on by the previous course. We, therefore, encourage teachers to chain related courses together to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Course Categories and Subcategories

All courses involve some application of computational thinking through programming and the 3D viewer. Additionally, every course has a main category that encompasses the core theme of the course.

Many courses have multiple themes and, as a result, have subcategories. These subcategories can be used to find the perfect course for your use case.

Course Types

RobotMagic offers two different course types; tutorials and projects. Tutorials intend to introduce concepts and show applications through guided problem-solving. On the other hand, projects are designed to help students apply their learning from tutorials to develop their own creations with minimal guidance.